10 “Bra” Tweets That will Make You Laugh a lot :D


10 “Bra” Tweets That will Make You Laugh Till Your Tummy Hurts!

We know bras are important, but we love to hate them. Wearing a bra every day is just annoying, and it’s unfair too! We didn’t ask for boobs, and okay FINE we have them. Now what? Why do we have to squish them in wires and pads? Like, weren’t periods enough? Being a girl is tough, REALLY TOUGH! But you already know that, right? We can’t keep cribbing about it every day, so we thought it would be better to laugh it off (crying inside). We found some funny bra tweets that are going to make you laugh till your stomach starts hurting. Here are 10 rib tickling tweets about bras…

1. They are deceptive, but so is life, my friend…

1 funny bra tweets

2. When you forget to unhook your bra at night!

2 funny bra tweets

3. Dear favourite bra, why won’t you fit me anymore? Wasn’t I good enough for you? *Cries*

3 funny bra tweets

4. That amazing feeling when you take off your bra…

4 funny bra tweets

5. Because men will be men…

5 funny bra tweets

6. Hahaha! This one is hilarious! Though we just love to set them free…

6 funny bra tweets

7. Aaarrrgggggghh… Why? WHY can’t they just let us be happy? *Sigh*

7 funny bra tweets

8. And that one (most uncomfortable) bra, which makes them look two sizes bigger! 😉

8 funny bra tweets

9. Yeah! You’re saying what we’re all thinking!

9 funny bra tweets

10. Just 98%? Well, it would solve 200% of our problems!

10 funny bra tweets

Hahaha! We can totally relate to all of these tweets… 😀

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